What we do

Great Solutions For Highly Regulated Industries

CBadge saw a need to implement automated background checks and badging systems for states potentially facing compliancy regulations in emerging industries. 

Market Insight

Our solution stays compliant with the ever changing ban-the-box regulations, conflicting FCRA, state and local laws.

World Class Support

Our diverse team of HR and staffing experts are here to guide you through every step of your hiring process. 

Process Flows

We manage built-in dispute flows, adverse action and individualized assessments to keep hiring compliant & easy.

Fast and Lite

Easy to order without complicated steps. Employees go through our streamlined process and we do the rest!

How We Work

  • Employees select their level of badge based on Support or Manager positions.
  • Employees after purchase of their badge are prompted to start their secure background check.
  • Cbadge processes the results and provides confidential update to the candidate via our automated system.
  • Once approved the verified Cbadge is mailed to the candidate and their requested address.

Results Driven

Our support, sales, and development team prides themselves on continual advancement of your platform for accuracy, speed, and scalability to compliment your business processes. We strive to be the number one provider of background checks and badging! 


Once an order is placed for a background check, we’ll get to work right away. This process takes no time at all; as soon as the background check is finished, we’ll mail you the results and – if the background check has cleared – a personalized Badge. The frontside of the Badge shows a photo of the individual, their name, state, and that the individual passed a background check. The backside of the Badge will explain what the background check covered. The Badge quickly shows employers or regulators that you or your employees have the correct credentials.

Which Background Check Should You Choose?

Whether you’re an individual looking to purchase a background check for yourself or you’re an employer looking to get your employees the correct credentials, CBadge is the way to go! We offer two different types of background checks: Support and Manager. Each background check comes with a personalized badge. So which one should you choose? Keep reading to find out.

The Support Background Check is excellent for entry-level positions. People in these roles typically require a lower security clearance, such as:

  • Trimmers
  • Harvesters 
  • Bartenders
  • Packagers
  • Front Desk Personnel
  • Clerk 
  • Assistant 
  • Post-harvesters
  • Marketers
  • Sales 

The Manager Background Check is for management positions: people who deal with money, inventory, and have keys to the facility. This background check also does a Motor Vehicle Records Search for transportation jobs. It’s great for:

  • Manager 
  • Transporter
  • Courier 
  • Head of HR
  • Head of Packaging
  • Inventory Manager 
  • Bar Manager 
  • Dispensary Manager 
  • Grow Manager 
  • Plant Manager 
  • Head Extractor
  • Bank Drop Manager
  • Sales Manager